Thanks to you, a better future

In these times of crisis we can still find many associations, cooperatives, companies and above all people, who continue to lend their support and help to those in need.
One of these is the Cooperative C.E.A.S. where, every day, its foster home L’albero delle mele gives many children, aged from 7 to 18 years, a safe place to live, play, study and grow up peacefully.
For a long time this welcoming place, loved by the teenagers who live there, was looking for funds to buy new beds and closets to replace the existing ones worn down over time and by the many young people there who, in recent years, have kept their dreams and hopes alive.
Their story, as well as the sincere, hopeful words of the President of the Cooperative Mauro Giardini, moved us as soon as we heard it.
Precisely for this reason, we decided to donate a “different” Christmas to the children of this foster home.  Thanks to your contributions and support, each bedroom now has new cabinets and beds, and even a computer with a printer to help them study.
All this, however, would not have been possible without you. So we want to once again say THANK YOU, because, thanks to you, we could make them happy. A better future starts here.


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