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Images meet memory

I am not able to write about the great number of feelings I had whilst looking at the photos of Eritrea taken by Ambrogio and Antioco Lusci: only poetry could accomplish that wonder and I am not a poet. I am however quite sure of one thing: looking at these pictures it is better not to speak about technology, films, and exposure meters because the Luscis used unattainable “means”: their hearts and eyes full of their deep love for Eritrea and its people. Ochre and gold, beige and green, brown and yellow are the colours of the savannah and the scrub; light blue is the colour of the sky and deep blue is the colour of the sea; the villages where people repeat gestures and words of fathers and ancestors; the sun, the dust, the silence live again in their daily life giving the impression of a land that time has forgotten. The serious or smiling faces of farmers, shepherds, hunters, women, girls and children, reflect a calm, ancient acceptance of a simple and rough life, of unchanging work and daily household duties. They are people who have adjusted their lives to the rhythms of nature without trying to change it to fit their needs. With their wonderful pictures the Luscis have shown the country of prayers, sayings, songs, fairy tales, and stories. The joy of births, crops, the sweetness of friendship, the hidden fears of the unknown, the fears of the unpredictable nature.


Angelo Granara


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