Un Cuore un Mondo Padova Onlus

The projects in which we will participate aim to fund the mission of a team of cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, anaesthesiologists, intensive care and operating theatre nurses, and clinical perfusionists belonging to the association Un Mondo Padova Onlus.
Their goal is to train the personnel working at Orotta Referral Hospital in Eritrea, a country characterised by high poverty and warfare with neighbouring Ethiopia; this unstable political condition has prevented the proper development of an infrastructure at the expense of the many children with health problems, for example congenital or acquired heart defects.
We also aim to improve the hospital in Asmara, in order to make a self-supporting and independent structure thanks to an upgrade of the equipment currently in use.
These projects are very ambitious, but thanks to all the volunteers of the association, and especially the contributions that all our doctors have already given us, and will certainly continue to give us, we are sure that they will be completed soon.

Support our projects, a choice of love.
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