Kinta School

Thanks to the contributions of all our doctors we have chosen to fund two new projects, in collaboration with the Terrazza dell’infanzia Onlus (NPO) and the Kimbondo Pediatric Foundation, in the village of Kinta, in the Congo. In 2012 a small school was built to accommodate more than 200 children, many of whom are unfortunately orphans. However, despite rotating the classes, the classrooms  are currently  unable to contain all of the pupils.

Our first intention is to therefore provide at least five new classrooms, which will be built onto the existing structure while maintaining the style of the school . But that is not all, our second project will be to furnish each new classroom and fit them with doors, windows, desks, blackboards and cupboards, which will be done by a local joiner.

The project will not be a simple one to carry out: the transport of the materials and procurement of a workforce will not be easy problems to deal with. Nevertheless, we have chosen to accept this challenge willingly, knowing that everyone’s commitment and our motivation in advancing the project will help many children to have a proper education, and will make a real difference.

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