About us

Where the heart is.


Consulcesi onlus (NPO) was born from the commitment of Consulcesi, the largest medical business in Europe, to support children around the world. It is a project in which, as always, we invest our conviction, both in terms of finance and human resources.


This is thanks to the generosity, also in terms of personal commitment, of our doctors, who have dedicated themselves, project after project, to achieving our goals. First of all, Professor Salvatore Galanti, who is now the President of the association.


From Asia to Africa, and not forgetting Italy where we are increasingly feeling the need for help, we are present. Places in which we can make our help and skills available. Difficult situations, often dramatic, where health care is absent or deficient. Here, we want to bring help, we want to be present. To bring back the smiles to the children. To give them hope.

In our brand new project “Sanità di Frontiera” we work alongside the” Osservatorio Internazionale della Sanità” and offer medical services to all those that have just arrived to our borders, including diagnosis, therapy and vaccines.

Support our projects, a choice of love.