Sleeping bags and thermal sweaters “to warm” the Christmas of homeless people

A little bit of heat in the cold Christmas. The non-profit Consulcesi Association gave thermal sweaters and sleeping bags to homeless people in Rome. This has been done in the middle of Christmas period, right when those who don’t have neither a home nor a family are forced to spend alone the coldest and, at least for the others, happiest time of the year.

This is the gift made by the charitable association which, at the same time, has just opened a dispensary in Kimbondo, Congo; it is also working hard to provide with a baby bottle sterilizer the Department of Neonatology in the same hospital.

In the past, thanks to the tireless work of president Salvatore Galanti, the non-profit Consulcesi Association has launched several projects in Eritrea and, a year ago,  in partnership with Ikea, it accommodated four families who lost their houses during the flood in Genoa. Sleeping bags and thermal sweaters have been delivered to Caritas, which then assigned them between all the homeless people who needed them.

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